Tim Bishop

1413 Bonita Ave
Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 528-0784

Professional History

Project and Product Management for Start-ups, since 1989

Director of Program Management
GetActive Software

Manage the development and release of new software functionality at GetActive Software, an ASP for non-profit and advocacy organizations. GetActive hosts the websites and/or advocacy, fundraising, and community web pages for 300 organizations ranging from Oxfam America and the Humane Society, to the Environmental Defense Fund. I am responsible for:

Consultant, Internet marketing,
business, software development and project management

Did a wide variety of internet marking, business development, project management, software development and writing consulting projects, including:

Vice President of Product Development
Onscreen Systems, Inc.

Led design and development of Onscreen’s innovative product, TVtopia, a downloadable Windows entertainment application with automatically updated TV listings, directory of fan and official web sites, user-to-user interactive games, chat, and instant messaging:

Grew Onscreen from a 3-person software contracting company to a 20-person product development company:

Director Of Web Products
1999 – 2000

Created a companion web portal, www.MyTurn.com, for the users of MyTurn's low-cost computer, the Global PC:

Built web products development team for MyTurn:

Director, Operating Systems Business Unit

After 3 years at Geoworks, was promoted to run the newly created 35-person business unit responsible for the development, marketing and sales of Geoworks’ new flagship operating system, GEOS-SC:

Program Manager and Product Manager, Operating Systems

Managed Geoworks’ development of GEOS-SC, a brand-new portable graphical operating system for mobile phones and embedded devices. Development took place in 4 sites, included both Unix and Windows based C++ development environments, and required debugging on 3 platforms.

Software Project Manager
EO, Inc

Promoted to Project Manager for EO’s next generation smart phone product, responsible for coordinating work of 100+ developers:

First led team that localized EO’s PenPoint 3.0 operating system into Japanese and wrote software to enable PenPoint to run on NEC’s hardware.

Documentation Localization Manager
GO Corporation 1992-1993

Managed the writing, translation, and production of over 2,000 pages of end-user and SDK manuals and online help for the PenPoint operating system into Japanese.

Documentation Project Manager
Zetatype Desktop Publishers, Inc

Estimated, scheduled, and organized projects for this small business specializing in hi-tech product documentation.

Operations Manager
Neil & Associates

Managed the production of deposition and trial transcript summaries for this legal services business.


Technical skills


Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, Homesite, Movable Type, pMachine, HTML, and CSS.


Linux, Solaris, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Wiki, Dreamweaver, TopStyle, Perforce, Powerpoint, Lotus Notes, and Groove.



Oberlin College,

History and Economics, 1983


Near-fluent French, some Spanish, tourist Hausa.